// clubmaster sunglasses collection //

clubmasters are probably one of the most universally flattering sunglass styles on the market << which explains why i ended up with five pairs of them >> // if you are thinking of buying a pair of clubmasters, read this //

first, the majority of pairs come in two sizes : 49mm or 51mm // the exception are the blaze collection, which comes in a standard 47mm and the metal collection which only comes in 51mm. if you are looking in a shop, you can find the size on either the metal bridge between the two lens or the left frame on the inside.

second, ray-ban offers a lot of different styles of the clubmasters // roughly twelve on their website currently // the variations are typically different colors and materials of the frames and lens. << the most popular are the clubmaster classics in the polished black frames and green classic lens

third, the more classic styles offer polarized lens. this will run you an extra $50 or so. i would not recommend the polarized lens, but that’s just me. deciding on whether to get polarized lens really depends on how frequently you wear them and what their purpose is.

only pair of polarized lens // i do like them but do not see a dramatic difference from my other pairs to justify the price difference // the polarized lens will have a P on the top of the lens after the Ray-Ban logo

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