<< because if you truly believe, you can fit more clothes into your closet >>

// the perfect summer skirt //

when i first saw this skirt on the jcrew website, i fell in love. i also knew it would be a bitch to style, but the skirt deserves to be worn. alas, here she is in all her colorful glory.

styling tips // order the jacket a size larger than you typically wear >> if you plan to wear a gucci belt with high-waisted pants, skirts or dresses, make sure to order a smaller size // save yourself the trouble of having to exchange it for a smaller size >>

<< casual date night >>

this jacket is by far my favorite spring purchase. sequin, fringe and black denim is literally the perfect combination// if this jacket were a person they would drink whiskey neat and probably give the most terrible advice, but you would still hang with them because they are way too cool not to be friends with //

<< styling tip >> if you get this jacket, own it. everyone will look at you, and occasionally you may be mistaken you for elvis, but you will look amazing and they are just jealous of your awesomeness

// multiple statement pieces //

pairing multiple statement pieces together is one of the easiest ways to instantly look more fashionable // it gives the illusion that you are super stylish, which clearly you are, since you were able to pair multiple statement pieces together >> okay, so that was circular logic but still, pile on those accessories

<< styling tip >> i’m obsessed with large dangling earrings and a lele sadoughi headband // the combination truly balances each other out for a killer look

<< feminized combat boots >>

combat boots, well dr. martens to be exact, are one of my favorite pieces in my collection. the easiest to style are probably these 1460 pascal virginia in optic white, but i also get so much joy from wearing my platform glitter jadon in black>> dr. martens are so versatile and elevate just about every look. okay >> so you probably wouldn’t style a pair of dr. martens with swimwear but just about everything else goes // i actually plan on wearing a pair under my wedding gown >>

<< styling tip >> if you are fearful of the “break-in” period when buying a new pair of dr. i recommend that you purchase the virginia leather instead of the smooth leather. the virginia leather is less structured and forms to your feet much more quickly.

//overalls, a love story //

<< if you don’t know by now, you will quickly discover that i love overalls. sure when you try on your first pair, you will probably remind yourself of a toddler but once you get past that, you will fall in love.

  • white lace top // loft * no longer available
  • web round sunglasses // gucci
  • corduroy skirt overalls //

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