CURATEUR fall 2020 subscription box // review


trying to decide on whether or not to order the fall curateur box? read this.

i have been a box of style member (recently rebranded as curateur) since fall 2017. the box is curated by the one and only rachel zoe, which is why i was initially drawn to it. i will be writing a separate blog post on my thoughts on the subscription box as a whole, but for the purposes of this post, i will simply say that i completely recommend this box. i feel it is an incredible value, contains amazing products, and will absolutely elevate your style.

this is the first box under the new name of curateur and at first, i wasnt sure what to expect. however, once i got the box i was blown away. the insert, which contains details on each product, is now larger and contains more information on how to use and style each product, which i love. the second major change is that the box itself is no longer a magnetic, chic box which can be repurpose (i keep one on my desk because i love the way it looks). this was a slight let down, but rachel zoe’s team explained it was to cut waste and i totally get that. if it helps the environment, then im onboard with the adjustment.

okay, lets get onto the review of each product:

the take-it-anywhere tote // rachel zoe collection

  • $115 value
  • beautiful bordeaux color
  • vegan leather
  • super roomy // can easily hold a laptop with lots of space left for other items
  • very lightweight
  • contains a removeable zippered pouch
  • gorgeous knot detail on front // reminds me of the celine belt bag

// my thoughts //

// love this bag // very simple design, perfect to use as a work tote, chic diaper bag, or a great bag to bring while traveling. i hate heavy totes that become unbearable to carry once they are filled, but this one is super lightweight and very easy to carry around. the color is so beautiful and perfect for fall and winter. the zipper pouch is just large enough to hold your phone, keys and wallet.

// draw backs // it is not a structured bag so the bottom does not hold a flat shape (this is not an issue for me, but if you love structured bags, you might not love this). i really wish there were feet on the base of the bag. since there are not, i think you have to baby the bag a little more so it stays in pristine condition. lastly, there is no enclosure in the main section. once again, not something i am really concerned about, but if you are planning on using it to travel or in the city, it might be something to consider. my feelings are that these decisions were probably made to keep the bag super lightweight. if these concerns do apply to you, consider getting a tote bag organizer from amazon or etsy, to help hold its shape and to create a layer of security with a zipper.

the complexion corrector // kat burki form control marine collagen gel

  • $160 value
  • clean ingredients
  • unlocks plump, hydrated skin
  • helps fill in fine lines
  • helps even out skin tone

unfortunately, i did not receive this product yet. however, i completely understand that COVID-19 has caused many complications with production and shipping, so i will happily wait a few months for the product and take the $25 reward to use towards another product.

what i will say is, thus far i have been very happy with the skincare products that come in each box. i am sure that will be the case for this product as well.

the glow getter // anastasia beverly hills liquid glow in perla

  • $25 value
  • pigmented highlighter
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • creates a dewy glow

// my thoughts //

// beautiful formula // super lightweight, not sticky, and blends easily. ive used it with my beauty blender above my check bones, on the tip of my nose and above my brow bone.

// drawbacks // honestly, i have nothing bad to say about this product. i do prefer my marc jacobs spotlight glow stick because i feel it creates a more natural glow, but this is a close runner-up.

the sumptuous staple // eddie borgo supra link collar necklace

  • $350 value
  • 18″ length
  • 12k gold vermeil
  • clasp is hidden to create infinite and seamless aesthetic

// my thoughts //

// stunning staple to add to your collection // absolutely love the length and color of the chain. it is simple but still adds some edge to your look. it has weight to it, which makes it feel more expensive. i love the idea of the hidden clasp, so that if your necklace moves throughout the day, the clasp will still stay hidden.

ive been wanting to add a chain link necklace to my wardrobe for some time now. i decided i was going to pull the trigger on one for fall, but then i saw that this item would be included in the fall curateur box and i was so excited! it is the perfect piece to wear with a chunky sweater and a pair of leather trousers or to even throw over an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants for a slightly more polished look. whatever you decide to pair it with, this will elevate your look.

// drawbacks // like i said the necklace is pretty heavy and after wearing it all day, your necklace will feel it. if you plan on only wearing it for a few hours, dont worry about it, you’ll be fine. the other potential issue i see is that the necklace may easily scratch. luckily, because of its design, i dont feel scratches will be that visible.

the luxe lens // le specs neptune sunglasses (choice item)

  • $89 value
  • gold wire frames
  • lense width: 51mm
  • nose bridge: 19mm
  • temple length: 139mm
  • lightweight and comfortable

// my thoughts //

// perfect everyday sunglasses // absolutely love the styling of these // they are simple and classic. i really like the gold wire detailing of the frames. they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. the case is super nice. i typically only use hard cases, but this case is made of a thicker material than traditional sunglass pouches for better protection.

// drawbacks // as someone who owns a lot of sunglasses (over twenty pairs to be exact) i am very picky when adding a new pair to my collection. with that being said, i am very happy to add these to my collection. the only drawbacks would be because they are so lightweight, they seem slightly flimsy.

the abstract accent // eddie borgo supra link earrings (choice item)

  • $195 value
  • 2″ drop
  • 12k gold vermeil

i did not choose this item, simply because i have a similar pair and i cant pass up on a great pair of sunglasses.

thanks for reading! let me know in the comments what your favorite item is.

// why i’m not ignoring predatory behavior anymore //


in the past, i would be subjected to what i would constitute as predatory behaviors in the workplace and i ignored it. why? fear. fear of elevating the situation, fear of being fired, and most prominently, fear of nothing happening. imagine having something so hurtful happening to you and you try to get the situation rectified and no one cares. or they try to blame the situation on you.

in the workplace ive had a man touch my arm, to ”see my tattoo more closely” and ask to have a “full tour of my naked body” so he could see the rest of my tattoos, have had men make sex noises at me, comment on my newly dyed red hair and was told “i heard red heads are the craziest in bed” and wink at me, had a man throw money at me and asked me to dance for him while i was working a register at a retail store, and the absolute worst // as if there was a scale of the worst predatory behaviors // had a man press his boner up against my behind and hold me there, while i went to my place of work WITH MY CHILD, while i was off.

as i write this i am filled with anger and regret. why did i tolerate that? why did i let someone else make me feel so powerless? why didnt i tell them to fuck off?

i just took it. i accepted the behavior.

well, i am approaching thirty. i have a three year old daughter. and im not allowing these behaviors to continue because its completely unacceptable. its not right that people feel powerless against predatory behavior because the predators were louder, more forceful, and demanded our silence.

when a customer comes to me at work and calls me a pet name, im going to correct them and let them know my name is laura. when a person makes a sexual remark at me, im going to make sure they know that those comments make me uncomfortable and i wont accept them. when someone stares for too long at my breasts instead of talking to my face, im going to remind them that my eyes are on my head, not my chest.

starting today, im not going to let someone else make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe and let it stand.

if you are someone who is a victim to predatory language or behavior at work, understand that it is not appropriate and should not be tolerated.

if you are younger than me, i am sorry i failed you. i am sorry i was silent for so long instead of confronting the behavior head-on. i am sorry that you probably had a similar experience at some point in your life that you did not feel comfortable addressing it.

moving forward, lets agree to work together, lets agree to not tolerate this behavior any longer.

you deserve better. i deserve better. everyone deserves better.

// update your pumpkin patch style //


for the last few years the unspoken uniform of the pumpkin patch has been a flannel, leggings, puffer vest, and riding boots. lets agree its time to update this look, because its 2020 and i know we can do better.

<< the queen of fall >>

i love the idea of putting a feminine twist on the classic fall look. swap out the leggings for a pleated skirt or long dress, add a pair of trendy boots and replace the vest with a stylish jacket. and of course, once the basics are there, its time to add on those accessories. i love statement headbands right now and lele sadoughi and lelet ny are killing it with pieces that are true works of art. if you are not a headband kinda gal, try a structured felt hat instead.

// the base //

i am going to make a bold statement, but i think the rein of leggings has come to an end. i know, i know, but dont worry there are plenty of alternatives that are just as comfy << and even more stylish >>

skinny jeans are being replaced with boot cut, boyfriend, and wide leg jeans. the it girls swapped out their errand-running leggings for oversized sweatpants paired with a cropped top and oversized jacket. and biker shorts have definitely dominated this summer.

so why am i saying this << other than to crush your legging-loving spirit >> my point is that in order to avoid having an outdated look on your adventures this fall, i recommend you try out a comfortable and more romantic option, which is a long, pleated skirt or dress.

however if you are set on wearing pants, definitely go for one of the updated denim styles, biker shorts, or the boot cut leather pant.

if you are on board with the idea of a romantic queen of fall look, make sure to check out some of my favorite pieces at the bottom of the post.

// the right boots //

just like leggings, riding boots have been updated with new styles. over the knee suede boots, chunky rain boots, and combat boots are taking over this fall. and it appears they will have some staying power, so it might be time to invest in a pair of good boots that will last you for years to come.

for over the knee boots, i have a couple of pairs from aldo that i got a few years back, which i love. however, there are plenty of options out there at all price points, so start shopping // one thing to keep in mind, is that a pair that has a tie on the back, might be a better investment // mine have a band at the top, which after a few wears, have stretched out and dont want to stay over my knee, so im often using fashion tape to help hold them in place. i selected a couple of options at the bottom of the post.

the chunky chloe rain boot has been everywhere this season, so if you are looking for a cute pair to invest in, they might be your best bet. they are fashionable enough to wear all season round and with almost every outfit. otherwise, i highly recommend hunter boots. i have three pairs and absolutely love them. if you want more than one color, go for one in the short and one in the tall height, so you have some options. rain boots are a great investment because of their practicality. they are obviously a perfect solution in the rain, but also work so well in the snow and slush.. and of course for the potentially muddy ground at a pumpkin patch.

combat boots are also being seen all over for fall. i love my dr. martens, but for a designer option, chanel, alexander mcqueen, and fendi have some beautiful choices. the great thing about combat boots is they can literally be worn with anything! seriously, im wearing a white pair under my wedding dress in ireland next year. combat boots add a more masculine twist to a classically feminine dress, make a pair of jeans and sweatshirt more edgy, and honestly, just make you look like a total bad ass.

for some of my favorite boots, check out the bottom of this post.

// a piece to wear with everything //

i still love a good vest, but the new vest trend is more sleeker, fitted, or completely oversized. the puffer vest, just isnt as popular this year. the very oversized sweater vests, tighter suede and leather vests, and some faux fur vests are what seems to be trending right now.

but im not sure some of these trends will be lasting for more than a few seasons. so my recommendation is to invest in a great coat which will last you for years. plus, the right coat looks great paired over a dress or pleated skirt and can be dressed up for a night out or styled down for a fun day outside enjoying the fall foliage.

oversized denim jacket, leather or a jacket with fringe are super stylish. i also love a good wool coat. the camel colored wool coats are everywhere this season and are a great investment piece. however, during pumpkin picking season, the weather can still be pretty warm so go for a denim jacket or other light weight option.

for my favorite picks, check out the bottom of the post.

// accessories for the win //

adding the right accessory will make your look appear more intentional. i love a statement headband or hat to dress up an autumn look. a great belt, is also a good option.

headband: lele sadoughi has some beautiful options which are created in a more classic headband shape adorned with pearls, stones, or beautiful patterns. while a little pricey, they offer a comfort which is worth the price point. lelet ny has a more abstract take on what constitutes a headband. lelet ny’s designs are honestly works of art for your head. they are often in more metals and less fabric and can be worn multiple ways. either designer’s options will be amazing addition to your look this fall.

if you havent attempted the hat trend in previous years, now is your chance. the summer’s bucket hat has jumped to fall with more structured styles taking center stage. the fiddler cap << or newsboy hat >> has been trending for fall for years and is an easy style which can be worn with everything. i also love stiff felt hats like the rancher or boater style. gigi pip has some great options on their website. also, check brixton hats, which are carried at nordstrom for some great styles.

okay, now for my picks. check out the items below for how i would style the perfect, updated pumpkin patch look this fall.

// my experience working with sojos vision //


sojos is a company that designs and sells affordable and trendy sunglasses, eyeglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and eyeglass accessories online.

// the reason //

if you have a public account and post frequently using hashtags, chances are you have received numerous comments from companies asking you to “dm them for a collab” with a ton of emojis added to the message.

so like you, i ignore these messages. i have my email address in my bio on instagram and if a company is truly interested, they can always email me for a collaboration.

well, one day i got a dm request from sojosvision. like i said, typically i ignore these messages but in this case, i decided to accept the message.

// the reason // because i made a recent purchase from the company through amazon, after a recommendation from an influencer.

i liked the product and was interested in collaborating so i responded not really knowing what to expect and a little skeptical that it was legitimate and not a scam.

i’ve heard horror stories of influencers who are just starting out, being scammed by fake companies. i was determined not to be a victim of one of these scams.

so, i went on their main page, picked a few of the influencers, whose photos were being featured, and privately messaged them asking if they had a good experience while working with the company.

each person responded pretty quickly and talked me through the process. they were so kind and i really appreciate them taking the time to respond to me.

<< honestly, this is the best piece of advice i have if you are trying to work with a company. reach out to other accounts who have worked with them recently and see how their experience was. it certainly alleviated a lot of stress for me >>

// the process //

the process was super simple, so simple that it almost seemed too good to be true.

they provided multiple options for products: i was able to choose two, then they wanted me to place the items in my cart, give them the total (including tax an shipping) and they refunded me via paypal.

after you receive the products in the mail, you make a post about them on instagram and write an honest review about the products on amazon.

it was that simple.

// the result //

i’ve worked with sojos vision twice thus far and would love to work with them again!

i got a few pairs of glasses from the collab which i absolutely love and definitely feel comfortable recommending.

if you get the chance to work with sojos vision, do it!

// seven versatile pieces you need in your fall wardrobe //

  • oversized flannel
  • faux leather leggings
  • pleated skirt
  • chunky oversized sweater
  • gold link chain necklace
  • camel colored wool coat
  • high neck ribbed shirt

<< oversized flannel >> the 90s grunge look is sticking around for fall and if you haven’t embraced it yet, now is your chance. grab an oversized flannel // i love this new one i picked up at hollister or this one from revolve << pictured below >> throw on a beanie, add a pair of dr. martens and a little black dress and you are all set. << what i love about the oversized flannel for fall is that it can be styled so many ways // i love to button it all the way up, add a statement necklace, throw on a faux fur vest, a black leather skirt, and a pair of loafers and bam! a killer work appropriate look << looking for something more casual? >> how about leaving it open with a black lace cami underneath, add dangling earrings, cute pair of black block heels, and distressed boyfriend jeans and there goes another knock out look. seriously, however you wear it, the flannel screams fall, cozy and stylish

// leather leggings or leather bike shorts // i recently grabbed a pair of the spanx brand from the nordstrom sale << i cant recommend these leggings enough. they are so comfortable and look incredible >> leather leggings are another fall closet staple because they can be dressed up or down so effortlessly // for a super simple look pair them with a chunky sweater, thigh high boots, and some statement earrings // looking for a more casual look? wear an oversized t-shirt, all white sneakers, and a pair of trendy sunglasses and you’re all set for a day of running errands

<< pleated skirt >> if you can only add one item to your wardrobe this fall, make it a pleated skirt // the pleated skirt is a repeat offender of being a fall wardrobe essential for years and i doubt it is going anyway any time soon // the silhouette is perfect to be paired with cable knit sweaters, long wool coats, and boots // and can so simply dress up nearly any item in your closet. i love a pleated skirt paired with an oversized t-shirt, loafers and a padded headband for a classy but comfortable look // or // wear it with a button down shirt, heels, a statement necklace and a faux fur vest or leather jacket for a trendier look for work.

// chunky oversized sweater // sweaters are of course the quintessential fall piece you need in your closet // i recommend grabbing a cream or charcoal colored one, as these colors seem to work with everything // my favorite way to wear an oversized sweatshirt is with a pleated skirt and thigh high boots for a dressier and very comfortable look // another outfit idea << wear a chunky sweater over a long slip dress with a pair of dr. martens for an edgy and cool look

<< gold link chain necklace >> this one is easy, layered gold necklaces are everywhere this season. add it to your daily jewelry rotation and wear it with everything this fall. for a more affordable option check out gold chain necklaces from brands aqua or baublebar, both sold through bloomingdales. for a bit pricer choice, look at this eddie borgo supra link necklace << pictured below >>

// camel colored wool coat // this fall and winter staple is so perfect for dressing up a very casual look. i love seeing this jacket thrown over an oversized black hoodie, joggers, white sneakers and topped off with a trendy pair of black sunglasses // it also looks perfect over crewneck sweatshirts and leggings // and if you’re not all about the casual trend, the camel coat can still update a sweater and trousers or a simple flowy dress // here is some inspiration from the very stylish hailey bieber

<< high neck ribbed shirt >> so, this is the newest addition to my closet. its a look that has been around for a few seasons but i was skeptical to try it out. im not a huge fan of wearing turtlenecks so i though this might not be the right fit for me, but let me tell you, i was so wrong // the ribbed pattern is so flattering and the neckline elongates your torso to give you this tall and elegant appearance // i bought a few from target in their a. new. day collection and am so happy with the quality for the price. i also love the rickie mock neck t-shirt from free people which can be purchased from nordstrom.

// quarantine date idea: romantic dinner on the beach //


quick story time okay, lets start here. i am not romantic. i’m the type of woman who is always prepared for danger // like i keep a mallet in my car // dreads surprises << because i always need to be in control >> and typically laughs during the romantic moments in movies. i am very aware of these facts; i am a realist and i stand by that. so clearly me planning a romantic evening is not typical. however, my extremely sweet partner likes romance. i wanted to surprise him for being so supportive of me during the last six months of chaos, and thought this would be an incredible evening. so here we are: a plan, a reason to implement the plan, and a very reluctant woman who has decided to do the unthinkable. // let down her guard and enjoy a romantic evening //

another thing about me. i may seem impulsive but for every decision i make, there is research conducted, a mental list of pros and cons, and most importantly, a cost benefit analysis, because in life, time is the most precious thing we have and the benefit of the situation needs to outweigh “cost of time spent”.

why did i tell you this? simply to explain that you do not need to be an expert at romance to plan a romantic evening for your loved one. also, if you are a practical person, this might be a great date idea for you.

these past six months have been a true test on even the strongest relationships and it is important to protect our relationships during challenging times. this was a relatively simple and affordable way to have a lovely evening and to show your partner how much you appreciate them. although a dinner at a nice restaurant is always enjoyable, the stress of being around other people, remembering to wear your mask, time limits on seating, make for a less than relaxed evening during this time. so lets discuss how to create your very own date night on the beach.

// on to the execution //

i packed up the car with the following items:

  • outdoor rug // super helpful, i took the new one we bought for our backyard //
  • a smaller indoor rug // this one went on top of the outdoor rug so it was more comfortable //
  • two cushions // i literally took two of our couch cushions and wrapped them in a large towel //
  • our coffee table // yep, i took our coffee table to the beach. any lightweight table that is low to the ground will be fine //
  • table cloth // to place over the coffee table //
  • a blanket // or two for the cooler temps after the sun sets
  • candles // about five candles // ** don’t forget a lighter
  • lantern // we already had this in our home so we didnt need to buy it, but it is something i highly recommend if you are planning on bringing candles to the beach. it definitely helped with the wind //
  • flowers in mason jars // for a romantic aesthetic, but this ended up saving the evening << i explain more later >>
  • food // obviously, cant have a picnic without food. i packed quesadillas, fresh guac, salsa and tortillas chips. super easy and still taste good if room temp //
  • margaritas // i wanted to make them to “order” on the beach so i brought glasses, ice in a temperature controlled cup, a lime, alcohol and juice in a mason jar, and a shaker //
  • the essentials // plates, napkins, silverware, cups, and utensils //

// set up //

  • first: we unpacked the car, which was a lot of work, so make sure you are prepared for multiple trips up and down sandy hills
  • once everything was on the beach, set up was pretty easy
  • find a spot close enough to the ocean but not too far away from the dunes // put down the outdoor rug
  • next put down the smaller indoor rug on top of the outdoor rug
  • then place the table on top of the indoor rug and add the table cloth to it
  • finally add the cushions on the indoor rug
  • the rest is just decorating! have fun setting the table and add candles

// perfect evening.. almost //

we were all set up, the weather was perfect, the sunset was absolutely beautiful and there was almost no wind. it was incredible, until a horrendously large swarm of green flies attacked << and i mean attacked >> they were everywhere!

surprisingly enough, they were not interested in our food or the margaritas // they wanted the flowers. so we left the flowers in the picnic basket and placed it pretty far from our set up. it definitely helped, a lot. significantly less flies came near us. however a few were still biting so we wrap ourselves in the blankets we brought and tried not to get up too much.

with the exception on the flies, the night was incredible. it was beautiful, romantic and very peaceful. honestly, the perfect socially distanced approved date night.

<< tips >>

  • if you can, go to the location a couple of hours before you intend to set up the picnic, just to make sure there are little to no flies, its not too hot, and that the beach isnt too crowded or windy. it might make sense to go on another day if the cards arent in your favor for that day.
  • if you are going to the beach and there might be biting flies, bring some baby’s breath. the flies werent as attracted to the roses i brought, but they loved the baby’s breath. also, bring scented dryer sheets // i did not pack these // but i have used them in the past and they help sooo much. just rub the dryer sheet on your clothes and skin and it really helps keep the flies away
  • food suggestion // we packed cheese quesadillas, fresh guac, rices, beans, salsa, and tortillas chips // this was perfect because it was still delicious at room temperature // i personally would not recommend bringing a meat or fish dish, as its hard to keep at an acceptable temperature
  • drinks // we arent really beer or wine people so i thought some sort of cocktail would be nice. it took a little more preparation, but making margaritas on the beach was fun and delicious // just make sure to bring enough ice // see video below //
  • candles // obviously, there is wind on the beach so keeping candles lit, may be a little challenging. i would recommend not bringing new candles. bring candles that come in a glass and are at least, half way burned down, this gives the flame some protection from the wind // also bring a lantern. we have a large one hanging in our living room and i was able to bring it and place three candles in it. the lantern definitely helped with the wind blowing out the flames.
  • and if this seems like too much effort, fear not, there are amazing companies and event planners who can execute this entire evening for you. just show up and enjoy!

// the latest from the studded tumbler collection at starbucks //


every season since holiday 2018, starbucks releases a new studded tumbler, this season they released this magnificent dark and spooky iridescent tumbler, just in time for halloween.

meet this beauty, the fall 2020 iridescent studded tumbler

these cups sell out super quickly and stores typically only get a few in stock so run to your local store on tuesday 8/25 to try to get your hands on one.

<< insider tip >> call the day before to see if your local store will be getting it in their shipment // make sure to arrive at open on the launch date // if they sell out at the launch, ask the manager if and when they will be restocking // dont wait! the studded cups are the most sought after cups in starbucks collection, they will sell out //

// additional details about the cup //

  • the tumbler is 24oz
  • it is a cold cup // not recommended for hot beverages
  • it is made of plastic // can break easily if dropped
  • it should only be hand washed // not dishwasher safe
  • the straw is also made of plastic and is the large size // if you plan to switch it out with other starbucks straws //
  • it cleans very easily // about once every 3 months i take a soft brush to the outside of the cup to deep clean the studs //
  • if you have any other questions, leave in the comments below and i will be sure to answer them

// our trip to hersheypark //


having our summer plans scrapped due to the pandemic, was disappointing for sure, but it gave us this rare opportunity to enjoy the little “trips” we so often took for granted. one of our family traditions is to visit hersheypark every year. of course we always have an incredible time on our 2-3 day visit to the park, but i never really considered it a vacation. // well, that certainly changed this year // we planned it out six weeks before we left: having to reserve the day we planned to enter the park online, ensuring pennsylvania maintained its status as one of the few states we could travel to without having to quarantine once we returned back to nj, and following the safety guidelines that hershey put in place so we felt comfortable taking the family to such a crowded location. even with having to navigate through these logistical obstacles, it was so worth it. our family had an amazing time and it was exactly the kind of trip we needed this summer. we realized that we dont need to travel abroad to have a memorable vacation // we just need each other and a highly anticipated experience //

<< some things to keep in mind if visiting hersheypark this summer >>

  • almost everywhere requires a mask // the only time i really witnessed people not wearing masks was while eating // i was super happy to see so many people were following the guidelines // however getting used to wearing a mask for hours while in the heat and doing a lot of walking is challenging especially for the little ones. just be prepared to take lots of breaks and drink so much water.
  • stay hydrated my friends // the park allows you to bring one bottle of water per person upon entry << honestly i took 2 per person and the security guards at the entrance didnt say anything >> you can also get a free large cup of ice water at any of the drink refill stations as frequently as you would like. i cant stress this enough, between the heat and the mask you really need to stay hydrated.
  • << reservations are required >> if you want to visit chocolate world, which you should because its awesome // i mean just look at the name c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e w-o-r-l-d // you need to reserve a time online. they are in 15min increments. once inside, you can stay as long as you like // you also need to reserve your day to enter the park before you visit // this is also done online // i made reservations to chocolate world day of, without issue.
  • all rides are socially distanced // most rides are either already 6 feet apart from another group << like on some rollercoasters >> or they will separate your group from another group by not allowing people to ride on the row in front or behind you. this causes a little more confusion when getting on the ride but overall, its super organized.
  • << wait times >> in the past i have always planned my trip to try to go on days when the park would be less crowded to reduce wait times for rides // i am an aries and true to form, i am super impatient // no different this time, we went on a wednesday and thursday. to my surprise, the wait times were very minimal. i was expecting with the social distancing for waits to be much longer as only about half capacity of seats can be filled. this was totally not the case and unfortunately for hersheypark, it was because the park was not crowded at all. now, on the weekend, this could be very different. our average wait time was 10 mins for a rollercoaster!
  • // sanitizers // i was a little shocked that rides were not being sanitized between riders, but in hindsight i now realize this would have been impossible to execute // there are too many people coming on and off the rides to properly sanitize them between riders // it was so nice to see that there were hand sanitizer stations all over the park << like literally everywhere >> and they were always filled! i did bring my own because i wasnt sure what to expect. i would say this probably is unnecessary but maybe bring some just in case.
  • random laura fact // they now have a starbucks inside the park! i was so happy to see this as i am the train conductor of our chaotic family of five and caffeine is non-optional on days like these.

// clubmaster sunglasses collection //


clubmasters are probably one of the most universally flattering sunglass styles on the market << which explains why i ended up with five pairs of them >> // if you are thinking of buying a pair of clubmasters, read this //

first, the majority of pairs come in two sizes : 49mm or 51mm // the exception are the blaze collection, which comes in a standard 47mm and the metal collection which only comes in 51mm. if you are looking in a shop, you can find the size on either the metal bridge between the two lens or the left frame on the inside.

second, ray-ban offers a lot of different styles of the clubmasters // roughly twelve on their website currently // the variations are typically different colors and materials of the frames and lens. << the most popular are the clubmaster classics in the polished black frames and green classic lens

third, the more classic styles offer polarized lens. this will run you an extra $50 or so. i would not recommend the polarized lens, but that’s just me. deciding on whether to get polarized lens really depends on how frequently you wear them and what their purpose is.

only pair of polarized lens // i do like them but do not see a dramatic difference from my other pairs to justify the price difference // the polarized lens will have a P on the top of the lens after the Ray-Ban logo

// perfect avocado toast recipe //


obviously, the avocado toast trend has been around for quiet some time. it has become the symbol of the millennial lifestyle // and apparently the demise of our saving accounts // however, its popularity has not faltered over the years << why, because it is freakin delicious >> my issue with avocado toast has no connection to its cost but rather that avocado spread on a piece of whole grain toast, is just not going to cut it as a meal // so, here is a delicious avocado toast recipe which will actually fill you up, so you can work your ass off, like us millennials actually do… sorry, not sorry //

heres what you need:

  • some type of bread, i recommend whole grain but << you do you >>
  • 1/2 of a ripe avocado
  • one tablespoon of lime juice
  • one tablespoon of shredded cotija cheese
  • two pieces of crispy turkey bacon
  • one over easy egg

cooking, is not one of my strengths, however the quarantine has really forced me to become more comfortable in the kitchen, so here is my easy way to cook a delicious and filling breakfast.

  • first, i start the turkey bacon b/c that takes the longest. so start cooking the turkey bacon for about five minutes on each side
  • second, start smashing that avocado. i usually cut it in half and save the rest for lunch. once, its pretty creamy in texture add the lime juice, then i set it aside
  • third, i start toasting the bread // after a few minutes i take it out of the toaster and spread the avocado onto it
  • fourth, its time to start the egg, but this only takes about 2 minutes to cook so make sure the turkey bacon is just about done before you start this process
  • fifth, add the turkey bacon to your toast and then place the over easy egg on top
  • lastly, add a sprinkling of the shredded cotija cheese over the egg and voilà! delicious breakfast