// my experience working with sojos vision //


sojos is a company that designs and sells affordable and trendy sunglasses, eyeglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and eyeglass accessories online.

// the reason //

if you have a public account and post frequently using hashtags, chances are you have received numerous comments from companies asking you to “dm them for a collab” with a ton of emojis added to the message.

so like you, i ignore these messages. i have my email address in my bio on instagram and if a company is truly interested, they can always email me for a collaboration.

well, one day i got a dm request from sojosvision. like i said, typically i ignore these messages but in this case, i decided to accept the message.

// the reason // because i made a recent purchase from the company through amazon, after a recommendation from an influencer.

i liked the product and was interested in collaborating so i responded not really knowing what to expect and a little skeptical that it was legitimate and not a scam.

i’ve heard horror stories of influencers who are just starting out, being scammed by fake companies. i was determined not to be a victim of one of these scams.

so, i went on their main page, picked a few of the influencers, whose photos were being featured, and privately messaged them asking if they had a good experience while working with the company.

each person responded pretty quickly and talked me through the process. they were so kind and i really appreciate them taking the time to respond to me.

<< honestly, this is the best piece of advice i have if you are trying to work with a company. reach out to other accounts who have worked with them recently and see how their experience was. it certainly alleviated a lot of stress for me >>

// the process //

the process was super simple, so simple that it almost seemed too good to be true.

they provided multiple options for products: i was able to choose two, then they wanted me to place the items in my cart, give them the total (including tax an shipping) and they refunded me via paypal.

after you receive the products in the mail, you make a post about them on instagram and write an honest review about the products on amazon.

it was that simple.

// the result //

i’ve worked with sojos vision twice thus far and would love to work with them again!

i got a few pairs of glasses from the collab which i absolutely love and definitely feel comfortable recommending.

if you get the chance to work with sojos vision, do it!

// clubmaster sunglasses collection //


clubmasters are probably one of the most universally flattering sunglass styles on the market << which explains why i ended up with five pairs of them >> // if you are thinking of buying a pair of clubmasters, read this //

first, the majority of pairs come in two sizes : 49mm or 51mm // the exception are the blaze collection, which comes in a standard 47mm and the metal collection which only comes in 51mm. if you are looking in a shop, you can find the size on either the metal bridge between the two lens or the left frame on the inside.

second, ray-ban offers a lot of different styles of the clubmasters // roughly twelve on their website currently // the variations are typically different colors and materials of the frames and lens. << the most popular are the clubmaster classics in the polished black frames and green classic lens

third, the more classic styles offer polarized lens. this will run you an extra $50 or so. i would not recommend the polarized lens, but that’s just me. deciding on whether to get polarized lens really depends on how frequently you wear them and what their purpose is.

only pair of polarized lens // i do like them but do not see a dramatic difference from my other pairs to justify the price difference // the polarized lens will have a P on the top of the lens after the Ray-Ban logo