// perfect avocado toast recipe //

obviously, the avocado toast trend has been around for quiet some time. it has become the symbol of the millennial lifestyle // and apparently the demise of our saving accounts // however, its popularity has not faltered over the years << why, because it is freakin delicious >> my issue with avocado toast has no connection to its cost but rather that avocado spread on a piece of whole grain toast, is just not going to cut it as a meal // so, here is a delicious avocado toast recipe which will actually fill you up, so you can work your ass off, like us millennials actually do… sorry, not sorry //

heres what you need:

  • some type of bread, i recommend whole grain but << you do you >>
  • 1/2 of a ripe avocado
  • one tablespoon of lime juice
  • one tablespoon of shredded cotija cheese
  • two pieces of crispy turkey bacon
  • one over easy egg

cooking, is not one of my strengths, however the quarantine has really forced me to become more comfortable in the kitchen, so here is my easy way to cook a delicious and filling breakfast.

  • first, i start the turkey bacon b/c that takes the longest. so start cooking the turkey bacon for about five minutes on each side
  • second, start smashing that avocado. i usually cut it in half and save the rest for lunch. once, its pretty creamy in texture add the lime juice, then i set it aside
  • third, i start toasting the bread // after a few minutes i take it out of the toaster and spread the avocado onto it
  • fourth, its time to start the egg, but this only takes about 2 minutes to cook so make sure the turkey bacon is just about done before you start this process
  • fifth, add the turkey bacon to your toast and then place the over easy egg on top
  • lastly, add a sprinkling of the shredded cotija cheese over the egg and voilĂ ! delicious breakfast

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