outfits, on repeat: getting the most out of your closet

the spilt boba tea sweater

i wore this sweater three times over the last 1.5 weeks and have no regrets about it

i really like the way it looked with a white collared shirt underneath: simple, comfortable and elevated

thus far, i’ve worn it with boyfriend jeans, leather leggings and leather joggers. i’m excited to pair it with a skirt next, stay tuned.

find it linked on my liketoknow.it page

the white knit cardigan

i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cardigan and i think i found her.

i knew i wanted a cardigan that was slightly oversized, had large buttons, a thick knit, and not too low cut.

a cardigan is a great wardrobe stable because it can be wore so many different ways.

this week i wore her with a knit skirt, boyfriend jeans and cropped jeans.

the camel wool coat

i invested in two camel wool coats this year, one that buttons down and one that ties. i love them both and feel they work with just about every outfit.

my favorite outfit to wear it with is a pair of jeans, gucci princetown slippers, and a sweater.

the teddy bear coat

my favorite purchase this week. its so warm and fluffy, perfect for those super cold winter days.

i fell in love with this coat and purchased it without a second thought. however, if i had done some research, i probably would have gotten a teddy bear coat in a camel color, in a smaller size and slightly longer. regardless, this was a great find at over 50% off.

bonus: homeware on repeat

i use the same glass mason jar mugs every morning for my iced lattes. i also frequently use the same metal straws, coasters and placemats. i absolutely love them all

items are linked on my liketoknow.it page.

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