updated manicure: gel overlay

neutral nails

typically i go for a gel manicure with a rounded shape. then, add a base nude color and a fun, yet simple design. however, this time around, i decided to go with something different.
i went for a neutral gel overlay, with an airbrushed white ombre effect and added some clear confetti to the middle and ring fingers.
the gel overlay is thicker than my usual gel manicure and also makes my nails feel much stronger. if my nails were on the longer side, towards the end of two weeks, they would begin to break. with the gel overlay, i am sure it would last up to three weeks without having to visit the salon.
the one thing to consider is that if you go with the airbrush effect, be prepared for some color to rub off. my nail technician did warn me of this so i was prepared for it to happen.

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