CURATEUR fall 2020 subscription box // review

trying to decide on whether or not to order the fall curateur box? read this.

i have been a box of style member (recently rebranded as curateur) since fall 2017. the box is curated by the one and only rachel zoe, which is why i was initially drawn to it. i will be writing a separate blog post on my thoughts on the subscription box as a whole, but for the purposes of this post, i will simply say that i completely recommend this box. i feel it is an incredible value, contains amazing products, and will absolutely elevate your style.

this is the first box under the new name of curateur and at first, i wasnt sure what to expect. however, once i got the box i was blown away. the insert, which contains details on each product, is now larger and contains more information on how to use and style each product, which i love. the second major change is that the box itself is no longer a magnetic, chic box which can be repurpose (i keep one on my desk because i love the way it looks). this was a slight let down, but rachel zoe’s team explained it was to cut waste and i totally get that. if it helps the environment, then im onboard with the adjustment.

okay, lets get onto the review of each product:

the take-it-anywhere tote // rachel zoe collection

  • $115 value
  • beautiful bordeaux color
  • vegan leather
  • super roomy // can easily hold a laptop with lots of space left for other items
  • very lightweight
  • contains a removeable zippered pouch
  • gorgeous knot detail on front // reminds me of the celine belt bag

// my thoughts //

// love this bag // very simple design, perfect to use as a work tote, chic diaper bag, or a great bag to bring while traveling. i hate heavy totes that become unbearable to carry once they are filled, but this one is super lightweight and very easy to carry around. the color is so beautiful and perfect for fall and winter. the zipper pouch is just large enough to hold your phone, keys and wallet.

// draw backs // it is not a structured bag so the bottom does not hold a flat shape (this is not an issue for me, but if you love structured bags, you might not love this). i really wish there were feet on the base of the bag. since there are not, i think you have to baby the bag a little more so it stays in pristine condition. lastly, there is no enclosure in the main section. once again, not something i am really concerned about, but if you are planning on using it to travel or in the city, it might be something to consider. my feelings are that these decisions were probably made to keep the bag super lightweight. if these concerns do apply to you, consider getting a tote bag organizer from amazon or etsy, to help hold its shape and to create a layer of security with a zipper.

the complexion corrector // kat burki form control marine collagen gel

  • $160 value
  • clean ingredients
  • unlocks plump, hydrated skin
  • helps fill in fine lines
  • helps even out skin tone

unfortunately, i did not receive this product yet. however, i completely understand that COVID-19 has caused many complications with production and shipping, so i will happily wait a few months for the product and take the $25 reward to use towards another product.

what i will say is, thus far i have been very happy with the skincare products that come in each box. i am sure that will be the case for this product as well.

the glow getter // anastasia beverly hills liquid glow in perla

  • $25 value
  • pigmented highlighter
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free
  • creates a dewy glow

// my thoughts //

// beautiful formula // super lightweight, not sticky, and blends easily. ive used it with my beauty blender above my check bones, on the tip of my nose and above my brow bone.

// drawbacks // honestly, i have nothing bad to say about this product. i do prefer my marc jacobs spotlight glow stick because i feel it creates a more natural glow, but this is a close runner-up.

the sumptuous staple // eddie borgo supra link collar necklace

  • $350 value
  • 18″ length
  • 12k gold vermeil
  • clasp is hidden to create infinite and seamless aesthetic

// my thoughts //

// stunning staple to add to your collection // absolutely love the length and color of the chain. it is simple but still adds some edge to your look. it has weight to it, which makes it feel more expensive. i love the idea of the hidden clasp, so that if your necklace moves throughout the day, the clasp will still stay hidden.

ive been wanting to add a chain link necklace to my wardrobe for some time now. i decided i was going to pull the trigger on one for fall, but then i saw that this item would be included in the fall curateur box and i was so excited! it is the perfect piece to wear with a chunky sweater and a pair of leather trousers or to even throw over an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants for a slightly more polished look. whatever you decide to pair it with, this will elevate your look.

// drawbacks // like i said the necklace is pretty heavy and after wearing it all day, your necklace will feel it. if you plan on only wearing it for a few hours, dont worry about it, you’ll be fine. the other potential issue i see is that the necklace may easily scratch. luckily, because of its design, i dont feel scratches will be that visible.

the luxe lens // le specs neptune sunglasses (choice item)

  • $89 value
  • gold wire frames
  • lense width: 51mm
  • nose bridge: 19mm
  • temple length: 139mm
  • lightweight and comfortable

// my thoughts //

// perfect everyday sunglasses // absolutely love the styling of these // they are simple and classic. i really like the gold wire detailing of the frames. they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. the case is super nice. i typically only use hard cases, but this case is made of a thicker material than traditional sunglass pouches for better protection.

// drawbacks // as someone who owns a lot of sunglasses (over twenty pairs to be exact) i am very picky when adding a new pair to my collection. with that being said, i am very happy to add these to my collection. the only drawbacks would be because they are so lightweight, they seem slightly flimsy.

the abstract accent // eddie borgo supra link earrings (choice item)

  • $195 value
  • 2″ drop
  • 12k gold vermeil

i did not choose this item, simply because i have a similar pair and i cant pass up on a great pair of sunglasses.

thanks for reading! let me know in the comments what your favorite item is.

2 thoughts on “CURATEUR fall 2020 subscription box // review

  1. Great breakdown of the products and how to use/style them. Love your honest reviews and recommendations xo

    Personal fav – the link necklace, such a staple piece!


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