// update your pumpkin patch style //

for the last few years the unspoken uniform of the pumpkin patch has been a flannel, leggings, puffer vest, and riding boots. lets agree its time to update this look, because its 2020 and i know we can do better.

<< the queen of fall >>

i love the idea of putting a feminine twist on the classic fall look. swap out the leggings for a pleated skirt or long dress, add a pair of trendy boots and replace the vest with a stylish jacket. and of course, once the basics are there, its time to add on those accessories. i love statement headbands right now and lele sadoughi and lelet ny are killing it with pieces that are true works of art. if you are not a headband kinda gal, try a structured felt hat instead.

// the base //

i am going to make a bold statement, but i think the rein of leggings has come to an end. i know, i know, but dont worry there are plenty of alternatives that are just as comfy << and even more stylish >>

skinny jeans are being replaced with boot cut, boyfriend, and wide leg jeans. the it girls swapped out their errand-running leggings for oversized sweatpants paired with a cropped top and oversized jacket. and biker shorts have definitely dominated this summer.

so why am i saying this << other than to crush your legging-loving spirit >> my point is that in order to avoid having an outdated look on your adventures this fall, i recommend you try out a comfortable and more romantic option, which is a long, pleated skirt or dress.

however if you are set on wearing pants, definitely go for one of the updated denim styles, biker shorts, or the boot cut leather pant.

if you are on board with the idea of a romantic queen of fall look, make sure to check out some of my favorite pieces at the bottom of the post.

// the right boots //

just like leggings, riding boots have been updated with new styles. over the knee suede boots, chunky rain boots, and combat boots are taking over this fall. and it appears they will have some staying power, so it might be time to invest in a pair of good boots that will last you for years to come.

for over the knee boots, i have a couple of pairs from aldo that i got a few years back, which i love. however, there are plenty of options out there at all price points, so start shopping // one thing to keep in mind, is that a pair that has a tie on the back, might be a better investment // mine have a band at the top, which after a few wears, have stretched out and dont want to stay over my knee, so im often using fashion tape to help hold them in place. i selected a couple of options at the bottom of the post.

the chunky chloe rain boot has been everywhere this season, so if you are looking for a cute pair to invest in, they might be your best bet. they are fashionable enough to wear all season round and with almost every outfit. otherwise, i highly recommend hunter boots. i have three pairs and absolutely love them. if you want more than one color, go for one in the short and one in the tall height, so you have some options. rain boots are a great investment because of their practicality. they are obviously a perfect solution in the rain, but also work so well in the snow and slush.. and of course for the potentially muddy ground at a pumpkin patch.

combat boots are also being seen all over for fall. i love my dr. martens, but for a designer option, chanel, alexander mcqueen, and fendi have some beautiful choices. the great thing about combat boots is they can literally be worn with anything! seriously, im wearing a white pair under my wedding dress in ireland next year. combat boots add a more masculine twist to a classically feminine dress, make a pair of jeans and sweatshirt more edgy, and honestly, just make you look like a total bad ass.

for some of my favorite boots, check out the bottom of this post.

// a piece to wear with everything //

i still love a good vest, but the new vest trend is more sleeker, fitted, or completely oversized. the puffer vest, just isnt as popular this year. the very oversized sweater vests, tighter suede and leather vests, and some faux fur vests are what seems to be trending right now.

but im not sure some of these trends will be lasting for more than a few seasons. so my recommendation is to invest in a great coat which will last you for years. plus, the right coat looks great paired over a dress or pleated skirt and can be dressed up for a night out or styled down for a fun day outside enjoying the fall foliage.

oversized denim jacket, leather or a jacket with fringe are super stylish. i also love a good wool coat. the camel colored wool coats are everywhere this season and are a great investment piece. however, during pumpkin picking season, the weather can still be pretty warm so go for a denim jacket or other light weight option.

for my favorite picks, check out the bottom of the post.

// accessories for the win //

adding the right accessory will make your look appear more intentional. i love a statement headband or hat to dress up an autumn look. a great belt, is also a good option.

headband: lele sadoughi has some beautiful options which are created in a more classic headband shape adorned with pearls, stones, or beautiful patterns. while a little pricey, they offer a comfort which is worth the price point. lelet ny has a more abstract take on what constitutes a headband. lelet ny’s designs are honestly works of art for your head. they are often in more metals and less fabric and can be worn multiple ways. either designer’s options will be amazing addition to your look this fall.

if you havent attempted the hat trend in previous years, now is your chance. the summer’s bucket hat has jumped to fall with more structured styles taking center stage. the fiddler cap << or newsboy hat >> has been trending for fall for years and is an easy style which can be worn with everything. i also love stiff felt hats like the rancher or boater style. gigi pip has some great options on their website. also, check brixton hats, which are carried at nordstrom for some great styles.

okay, now for my picks. check out the items below for how i would style the perfect, updated pumpkin patch look this fall.

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