five unique nail designs for short nails

here are some cute nail design ideas for short, natural nails. i opt for gel polish so the design will last the full two weeks in between manicures. each design was inspired by @thehangedit on instagram. i highly recommend checking out her page for more inspiration!

neutral florals

love this neutral design of simple florals // choose a nude nail color then ask for this floral design on top // simple and classy

simple evil eye

love the evil eye look but want something more toned down? try this look // choose a pale pink color then ask for the evil eye design on the index finger and ring finger // cute and different

twist on classic french

so it was hard to get a cute picture of these, but it is a classic french manicure with small circular clear crystals on top of the tip // the crystals are thick and give a very cool effect // they shimmer in the sun and are absolutely stunning // choose a very pale pink color that is almost clear then add a white line ( or maybe even no line would look great) and lastly add the crystals // fun and modern

evil eye design with lines

this is a more dramatic evil eye design // start with a very pale pink, almost clear base coat then asks for this design on top // fun and eye-catching design

pride vibes

looking for something more colorful? try out this rainbow look // start with a clear base coat then ask for the rainbow design on top // vibrant and perfect for pride

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