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CURATEUR fall 2020 subscription box // review

trying to decide on whether or not to order the fall curateur box? read this. i have been a box of style member (recently rebranded as curateur) since fall 2017. the box is curated by the one and only rachel zoe, which is why i was initially drawn to it. i will be writing a […]

// update your pumpkin patch style //

for the last few years the unspoken uniform of the pumpkin patch has been a flannel, leggings, puffer vest, and riding boots. lets agree its time to update this look, because its 2020 and i know we can do better. << the queen of fall >> i love the idea of putting a feminine twist […]

// my experience working with sojos vision //

sojos is a company that designs and sells affordable and trendy sunglasses, eyeglasses, blue light blocking glasses, and eyeglass accessories online. // the reason // if you have a public account and post frequently using hashtags, chances are you have received numerous comments from companies asking you to “dm them for a collab” with a […]

// seven versatile pieces you need in your fall wardrobe //

oversized flannel faux leather leggings pleated skirt chunky oversized sweater gold link chain necklace camel colored wool coat high neck ribbed shirt << oversized flannel >> the 90s grunge look is sticking around for fall and if you haven’t embraced it yet, now is your chance. grab an oversized flannel // i love this new […]

// quarantine date idea: romantic dinner on the beach //

quick story time okay, lets start here. i am not romantic. i’m the type of woman who is always prepared for danger // like i keep a mallet in my car // dreads surprises << because i always need to be in control >> and typically laughs during the romantic moments in movies. i am […]

// the latest from the studded tumbler collection at starbucks //

every season since holiday 2018, starbucks releases a new studded tumbler, this season they released this magnificent dark and spooky iridescent tumbler, just in time for halloween. meet this beauty, the fall 2020 iridescent studded tumbler these cups sell out super quickly and stores typically only get a few in stock so run to your […]

// our trip to hersheypark //

having our summer plans scrapped due to the pandemic, was disappointing for sure, but it gave us this rare opportunity to enjoy the little “trips” we so often took for granted. one of our family traditions is to visit hersheypark every year. of course we always have an incredible time on our 2-3 day visit […]

// clubmaster sunglasses collection //

clubmasters are probably one of the most universally flattering sunglass styles on the market << which explains why i ended up with five pairs of them >> // if you are thinking of buying a pair of clubmasters, read this // first, the majority of pairs come in two sizes : 49mm or 51mm // […]

// perfect avocado toast recipe //

obviously, the avocado toast trend has been around for quiet some time. it has become the symbol of the millennial lifestyle // and apparently the demise of our saving accounts // however, its popularity has not faltered over the years << why, because it is freakin delicious >> my issue with avocado toast has no […]

// how to repurpose your quarantine style //

<< if you are like me, you probably justified so many loungewear, sweatsuit, and pajama purchases, ya know because you’re not going to wear jeans and a bra when no one is going to see you >> so fast forward a few months, things are starting to reopen, you pre-quarantine daily routine is slowly beginning […]


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