five nail designs perfect for fall

here are five nail designs perfect for fall. make sure to save the photos to show your nail technician when getting the design.

fall floral design

first start with a bluish gray base color, then add this floral design, using white and black color, on all of your nails expect the middle finger. on middle finger add glitter over the base coat. end with a glossy top coat.

brown tones + smiley face

ask for a gel overlay with a clear base, then add three different shades of brown to the top half of each nail. finally add a smiley face design to the pointer and ring finger with a clear coat over top.

70s orange vibes

start with either a clear base color, for the nails with designs, or an orange color for the pinky finger and thumb. for the pointer and middle finger add four small flowers with rhinestones added in the center of each. for the ring finger, add a french tip in the same orange color to the top. finish with a clear, glossy coat.

half tortoiseshell + half blue tip

begin with a clear base coat, add a light brown color to half of the nail and, while still wet, swirl in a darker brown color. this technique was pretty complicated so make sure to go to a nail technician you trust. for the second half of the nail, add a simple blue tip. top off with a glossy clear color to finish.

checkered perfection in black

okay, so this is probably my favorite nail design to date. i love this fun design and the black color is perfect for fall and winter.

here’s what to ask for: start with a very pale white color as a base, then add a different design to each nail. for the thumb, ask for a cheetah print. for the pointer finger, get a checkered print with six squares. for the middle finger, ask for a black tip with a white smiley face. for the ring finger, ask for a checkered print with fifteen squares total. and lastly, for the pinky finger, get a thin line straight across the nail.

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