weekly coffee chat 8/5

In love with your nail designs! Any fall nail inspo?

Thank you so much! I think kim kardashian’s nails from her recent trip to italy, will be a big trend. she wore a full tortoise shell look with matching nails. i also think classic fall colors like burnt orange, chocolate brown, grey and jewel tones will be popular. lastly, i think the crazy colorful designs that were so popular this summer, will be replaced by more muted abstract line designs.

what pieces are you looking to add to your closet for fall?

great question! currently looking for a pair of bright green over the knee boots in a snake skin pattern. i am in love with a pair that brittany xavier posted, but they are only available online and i want to try them on before purchasing. another pair of boots i am looking to purchase are over the knee cow print boots. i am also on the hunt for a sweater vest that is more slimming. as a size 10, i feel most of the sweater vests add too much volume and aren’t flattering on my body. Im also obsessed with leather so i want to add a chocolate brown long leather skirt.
i invested in a pair of gucci princetown slippers last year, which im excited to pair with my fall looks. i also recently purchased the agolde criss cross jeans which i cant wait to style.

If you could only invest in one item to add to your closet, what would it be and why.

hmmm… thats a tough one. last year i chose to invest in more bags, shoes, oversized coats and sunglasses because i was unhappy with my body and did not want to buy clothes. this year i decided to embrace my body and find pieces that i feel confident in. i would say that if you were going to invest in one clothing item pick either a pair of really nice jeans or a nice coat. both of these pieces you will get to use for years. i really like the quality of agolde jeans and all saints leather coats. i also like investing in accessories because you get the best cost per wear out of these items because you can use them everyday. i would recommend a pair of black boots either in an ankle size or over the knee. pick a simple leather pair so they are not too trendy and you can wear them season after season. i also recommend a block heel so they hold up better.

thank you for your questions!

if you would like to leave a question for next week’s coffee chat please submit it through the weekly coffee chat tab.

see you next week!

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