LV Coussin pm bag: honest review after two months of use

i first saw the lv coussin pm bag posted on instagram the week prior to its launch date. i instantly became obsessed when i saw aimee song post the bag in the cream color. she looked so chic with the bag styled crossbody in a simple turtle neck and vibrant leather pants.

i was lucky enough to purchase the bag in the size and colorway i wanted on launch day, as it has been sold out since. i wanted to write a review on the bag after using it for two months to properly provide my honest feedback on the bag, in case you were looking to purchase it once it is restocked.

i am going to score the bag on versatility, storage, wear and tear, and price point. finally, i will discuss whether i would repurchase the bag.

versatility : score 5/5

this is by far the most versatile bag i own and i absolutely love all the options there are to style it!

the lv coussin bag comes with two detachable straps, one chain strap and one adjustable canvas strap. the bag can be used as a clutch by removing both straps, a dressier shoulder bag with the chain strap, or a more casual bag with the addition of the canvas strap. both straps can be worn together for a trendy vibe or worn separately. i love how the canvas strap is adjustable so it is easy to wear the bag as a crossbody across your chest or lower across your hips. i wear it as a crossbody across my chest when i’m wearing bottoms that may cause color transfer onto the bag.

i also use both straps on my lv palm springs mini backpack and love the way it looks!

  • the chain strap will be in silver or gold depending on which colorway you choose
  • canvas strap drop: 11.8 inches/ max strap drop 19.7 inches
  • canvas strap has a calf-skin leather trim
  • chain strap drop: 10.6 inches
  • chain strap has the lv logo engraved into it

storage: score 4.5/5

so let me start by saying there is definitely an abundance of storage space in this bag. the reason i’m giving it a 4.5 is because of the design of the bag preventing the space to be fully utilized.

you can easily fit your wallet, phone, sunglasses, airpods, keys, lipstick, gum and even your ipad pro-11 inch (with case removed) into the bag with ease. the issue is that the bag is divided into three compartments and when you put bulkier items into the two side compartments, it changes the appearance of the bag externally. for this reason, i really only use the middle compartment. for me, this is not an issue at all, as i only carry my phone (iphone 11 max), card case, airpods, chapstick and sunglass case in the bag. however, if you are someone who typically fills your bags, just note the bag will look stiff and less “pillowy” when filled.

if i could redesign the bag, i probably would have opted for two compartments instead of three to provide more space to each compartment. for this reason i give the bag a 4.5/5 for storage.

  • microfiber liner
  • liner color depends on colorway of bag
  • middle compartment is zippered
  • pm size: 10.2 x 7.9 x 4.7 inches (length x Height x Width)

wear and tear: score 3.5/5

my coussin bag was delivered on 3/1 and for the first three weeks i owned the bag, i was terrified to use it. this is the most expensive bag in my collection and the only bag i own in white. i also live in nj, where, due to COVID, large gatherings are discouraged so i am primarily home and not taking my bags out. i really only used the bag for local photo shoots and the occasional date night. when the bag was not being used, i detach both straps, lay them flat next to the bag and keep the bag in its dustbag. when i took the bag out, i kept it in the dustbag while driving and only removed it once i was ready to take it outside. i would say i was extremely careful so there should be no signs of wear to the bag after only a few weeks.

however, after the first three weeks, i noticed the gold chain strap was showing wear between the chain links, where they would rub together. it appears that the gold coating on the chain is rubbing off and showing the original color of the chain. to me, this is unacceptable as the bag is at a pretty high price point. the louis vuitton website states that the chain is made in “gold-color hardware” so i’m not sure what material the chain and gold coloring are made from.

i went to a louis vuitton store in nyc the following week to request a replacement or repair to the strap. the repair specialist agreed that the strap should be replaced and ordered the new part. when i asked him if he knew of any other clients who had complained of this issue, he said no, however he felt the wear would be expected because the links are rubbing together and it is obviously not made of real gold. in my opinion, thats not acceptable. i mean, i understand that wear occurs and if this began to happen after owning the bag for a year, i would get it. but this was after only a few uses. i really cant imagine what the condition of the chain strap will be after a few months of wear.

the repair specialist originally told me, i had to give him my strap in order for him to order the replacement. when i asked how long he expected for the new strap to come into the store, he told me roughly two weeks. i explained to him that i really was not comfortable giving him my chain strap without having the new one in hand. this is primarily because i know the bag is sold out and i did not trust that a new strap could be delivered within two weeks. so, i left the store not sure if i wanted to have the strap replaced without the store being able to give me new one. an hour later, i received a text from the repair specialist who agreed to order the new chain and i could hold onto my chain, until the new piece arrived. i am so grateful i made that decision and that he was willing to make this accommodation for me because it has been over one month and the new strap has not shipped to the store yet.

i called client services this week to check on the progress and was told, they do not have the replacement strap in stock yet, but once they do, it will be shipped to the store in nyc. honestly, since i still have my original strap and know that a replacement has been ordered, i don’t mind waiting for the new one. i also asked client services what could be done, if the new strap has the same issue and was told, i would be able to exchange it for a new bag if i was unsatisfied with the condition of the replacement.

other wear and tear: very minimal, only small creases to the monogram-embossed puffy lambskin exterior. this wear was completely anticipated as the bag is “puffy leather” and not hard or structured.

price point: 4.5/5

the coussin pm bag is currently listed for $3550 and the mm is $3950.

is the bag expensive, yes absolutely. but i do feel the price point is justified and will increase with time, also yes. the exterior of the bag is made from monogram-embossed puffy lambskin leather, it comes with two detachable straps and can be worn in many different ways. as a comparison, the bottega veneta cassette bag with chain is a similar size and design, and it is priced at $3990.

the coussin pm bag is currently on the resale market for over $5000 which is a significant price jump from the original price. with this being said, i think louis vuitton will increase the price of the bag before the end of summer, as people are willing to pay more for the bag, making the current $3550 price tag totally worth it.

although, i personally prefer a microfiber lining over suede, i am ranking the bag at 4.5 because at the price point, i feel the interior should be made from suede or from a more attractive interior cloth.

overall score: 4.4/5

would i repurchase the bag? yes, without hesitation

this might come as a surprise considering my experience with wear and tear but i am taking leap of faith and trusting that louis vuitton will rectify the situation for me.

a few recommendations if you are going to purchase this bag:

  • make sure to remove both straps and lay flat between uses
  • do not leave the chain resting on the bag when you can avoid it
  • stick with wearing light colors if purchasing the cream color
  • do not store the straps inside the bag
  • keep the bag in the dustbag between uses

for more information on this bag, check out my youtube videos:

2 thoughts on “LV Coussin pm bag: honest review after two months of use

  1. Thanks for the review! The white is beautiful. I just purchased a camel coussin pm today that has leather lining and the tab that sticks up at the end of the zipper is no longer on the purse. It seems they’ve changed the design a bit.


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