two spring nail designs using gel overlay

these are my last two gel manicure designs using gel overlay. as always, i start with shorter, natural nails that are a rounded shape.

both are pretty simple and neutral designs. i hope you enjoy them!

design one: clear marble with gold details

for this design, i asked for clear marble base design with gold foil flecks added over top. super easy and cute!

design two: combination of neutral colors with marble design

for this design, i asked for two of my nails to be brown base color and two of the nails to be a pinky white color. then, we added a gold curved line on top of the base coat. for the ring finger, i asked for a marble design with cooper color foil flecks added on top.

to ensure the design is exactly what you want, i highly recommend showing the nail technician a photo of your inspiration for the design.

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