// the latest from the studded tumbler collection at starbucks //

every season since holiday 2018, starbucks releases a new studded tumbler, this season they released this magnificent dark and spooky iridescent tumbler, just in time for halloween.

meet this beauty, the fall 2020 iridescent studded tumbler

these cups sell out super quickly and stores typically only get a few in stock so run to your local store on tuesday 8/25 to try to get your hands on one.

<< insider tip >> call the day before to see if your local store will be getting it in their shipment // make sure to arrive at open on the launch date // if they sell out at the launch, ask the manager if and when they will be restocking // dont wait! the studded cups are the most sought after cups in starbucks collection, they will sell out //

// additional details about the cup //

  • the tumbler is 24oz
  • it is a cold cup // not recommended for hot beverages
  • it is made of plastic // can break easily if dropped
  • it should only be hand washed // not dishwasher safe
  • the straw is also made of plastic and is the large size // if you plan to switch it out with other starbucks straws //
  • it cleans very easily // about once every 3 months i take a soft brush to the outside of the cup to deep clean the studs //
  • if you have any other questions, leave in the comments below and i will be sure to answer them

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