// how to repurpose your quarantine style //

<< if you are like me, you probably justified so many loungewear, sweatsuit, and pajama purchases, ya know because you’re not going to wear jeans and a bra when no one is going to see you >> so fast forward a few months, things are starting to reopen, you pre-quarantine daily routine is slowly beginning to come back and you need to leave the house. putting on jeans still seems like a stretch though, since you are only running some errands and comfort is a thing. // here are some tips on how to look put-together enough to be in public but comfortable enough to go right back to lying on the couch watching netflix when you get home //

// styling tips // okay, finally after all that rambling, here are the tips: first, grab a comfortable and stylish jacket; layers make almost everything look more intentional and put together. if your jacket is on the heavier side, maybe swap out a loungewear sweatshirt for a tee-shirt or tank top. second, throw on a stylish pair of shades. something with enough personality to really elevate your look. i recommend going with a mirrored lens. third, a small, leather << or faux leather >> bag. one thats a little more on the dressy side. if you own a small designer leather bag, like my gucci soho disco, or a classic chanel flap, thats perfect, if not any similar styled bag will be totally fine.

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