// radical fashion for a radical time //

the last two months have definitely encouraged a global reflection << the protests, issues of civil liberties, and a simple demand for all lives to be treated equally >> as humans, i think it is only natural for us to search for hope and inspiration in times of turmoil >> for me, i look to fashion for a sense of renewal, positive energy and creativity // there is comfort in knowing that as trends change, we as a society, will change along with it // maybe there is hope that society will accept the changes that need to happen for all of us to flourish //

<< styling tip >> i love incorporating major trend pieces of a particular decade into my current wardrobe. to make this look more wearable, try this cute dress with a pair of woven sandals and a denim jacket. the vera sunglasses perfectly top off a tee shirt and a pair of boyfriend jeans. & finally this incredible faux fur jacket looks at home with a gingham wool dress, black tights and over the knee black leather boots.

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